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M.SC. MATEJA JELIĆ, DMD graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb, in 1997. In 2002 she became the Master of science in Biomedical Sciences. In 2005 she passed a specialist exam on orthodontics. She completed many international courses on orthodontics at many established orthodontics institutions in the United States and in Europe. She is the first certifed orthodontist for Orthocaps – the Twinaligner System. She has DAMON Systems and Orthocaps certificates.

Beautiful, healthy and even teeth contribute to self-esteem and to success and satisfaction in everyday life. The goal of orthodonotics is not only aesthetics because even teeth are important for the health of an entire chewing system, temporomandibular joint and muscles as well as the surrounding dental tissue.


Correct teeth position in the jaw and the correct alignment of the upper and lower jaws enable an even transfer of masticatory forces, which preserves periodontium and teeth from overburdening, excessive tooth wear and destruction. Also, the problems in the temporomandibular joint are diminished or completely solved. Even teeth are easier to brush and maintain hygiene, which reduces the possibility of creating caries and periodontic diseases.

The first visit to the orthodontist should be at the age of 7. At that age small irregularities can be corrected and the future ones can be foreseen. Mobile dental braces can be used then, but only in children that still grow and develop. After the end of growth and development, fixed dental braces are mostly used. There is no age limit for therapy using fixed dental braces and irregular teeth are straightened in adult patients as successful as in children.

The decision about the type of braces that will be used in therapy depends on the type of irregularity, age of the patient and their personal preferences. Our clinic is the first orthodontic clinic with the certificate for Orthocaps – The Twinaligner System. We were educated in the United States to work with Damon System especially, but we use other fixed orthodontic techniques as well.

Dr. Jelic should serve as an example for other doctors. First of all she is a huge specialist in orthodontics and dentistry, patient, loving, persistent, listening to patients and she explains everything in detail. The patient in this office feels extremely comfortable and returns with pleasure every time. Prices are more than reasonable for the service at such a high level.
Recommendation for all!

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Due to previous bad experiences, especially in childhood, it is very difficult for me to go to the dentist, but I found this wonderful doctor. She is patient, carefull and if it’s going to hurt a little, she warns me beforehand and explains why.

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I have need to say that if you need an orthodontist, the best doctor for that is for sure Dr. Mateja Jelic. She has patient access, expertise and above everything she will explain everything you want to know no matter how many times you ask. She is great with children. All ​​recommendations from my side.
Mom of two girls who now have the most beautiful smile.

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